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    Like everybody else, I paid a rather large sum for documents that were available for free. I applied for a tourist visa to the United States. The directions on the website were pretty clear. I opened the app, entered my personal information according to the instructions. There was also a payment tab. I made a paynment of $69. As I was later told via a phone call, the state fee would have to be paid separately. By the way, dirong the call the properly interrogated me, asking me about the purpose of my visit, whether I was financially secure, whether I had a business, and so on. When I asked my own questions, I was only told about the confidentiality of my information and that I wouldn’t have any access. I asked to postpone my registration as I was now all of a sudden feeling quite worried. I looked up the reviews of this company and saw a lot of people complaining about getting scammed. So the next time I got a call, I asked to put me in touch with the CEO to discuss all the details. The guys hesitated, suggesting they would tell me everything themselves and asking me why I wanted to speak to their boss. And when I said that I was recording our conversation, they simply hung up. Now I want to file a complaint against them, but I’m afraid that won’t do much, one payment won’t be enough.


    Immigration Direct is a scam.
    i don’t know how, but their website always comes out first place in the search engine.
    i was looking for how and where one could apply for canadian citizenship in oslo.
    the design of that website, all the information – everything is looked just like a real licensed organization.
    personally, they asked me here for my credit card information and bank account number.
    they said that that data needed to be submitted to the government of canada. although it was not clear why they needed that.
    it seemed suspicious. i was also disturbed by the fact they didn’t list their physical location so their office must have been located elsewhere.
    And in general, I did not find any official information about them.
    so I think you can’t even sue them, it is impossible to know where to look for them.


    We tried to re-issue my husband’s lost green card. We looked for ways on the Internet and decided to contact the ID. We thought it was an official firm, so we paid $180. For this money, we were able to fill out the Form I-90. After the payment, they stopped calling us and did not send anything. Later we learned that this is a fraudulent company that is flourishing for some reason. And the same form could have been filled out on the government website for free. I hope the authorities will pay attention to this problem and close them down.


    Jun 23,2020
    When this office’s manager called me, at first I thought it was a real call from the immigration service. The website also resembled the government one. And they promised to renew my work permit card in just a few days. Therefore, I gave them my bank information and made an upfront payment of $195. They promised to send the receipt by e-mail. As I was later informed, they charged for the service of applying itself, which is free in the real USCIS. When I started calling those scammers again, the number was out of service. They work quickly, you can’t say nothing.


    I came across these impostors when my bag was stolen and I was re-issuing my US citizenship certificate. The company offered to sort out this issue online. You fill out a form, pay the fee and they would deal with everything else. It all seemed legal to me. I gave my info, filled out an application. All started to go wrong when I was asked to pay $170 although I did not see any results. So I asked them to cancel. Then some guy, Stan or something, called me and said that they could not stop the process until I paid. In reality, no government agency can force you to pay, that is absolutely illegal. I kept getting such calls all the time. They only left me alone once I hinted that I would go to the police.


    I also thought it was the official website of the USCIS.
    So I gave them my phone number and email address.
    They also asked for my parents and wife’s numbers.
    I thought it was like a security check.
    And then my wife got a call and was told that I was in a car accident.
    It looks like if you refuse their services, they give your data to random organizations.


    i am an irish citizen but i have been working in canada for several years. i decided to apply for citizenship for myself and my children. i left an application on this website and paid 190 canadian dollars for the application to be verified. then my acquaintances told me that it’s impossible to register children online, especially if they don’t live in canada. then i decided to cancel the registration and get my money back. i called the customer support service, they told me that they would review my application for termination and call me back. a week later, i still did not receive a call, as well as my money.


    i was going to apply for a green card renewal in the us. submitting the application online seemed to me the most convenient option. searched on google and went to Immigration direct website. it turned out, I did not see the “advertisement” icon there. i chose the needed form and started to fill it in. i was asked to pay $185. they even tried to insist that it was a good deal, like, without all state fees. but I thought the fee was charged for actually applying. I checked the box “I agree” and expected to see a standard form. but it turned out that the money was actually withdrawn from me for filling the online form out!


    An absolute scam. I was lucky cause I realized this before I paid. They said to fill out the citizenship application forms not on the official government website. Saying, that way the approval rate is higher and the applications aren’t as closely checked. At first, when the ID employee called me, I was not worried considering they called from a London number. They began to ask me not only questions concerning the citizenship but also more personal ones: about real estate, my savings, etc. Then he boasted about his agency for about 10 minutes, saying things like if you do it through the government, you will need to pay at least 3 thousand and if they reject the application, the money will not be returned. Later, when I asked a few questions about the paperwork, he began to falter, trying to change the subject, and then hung up. So steer clear from these scammers!


    I found the Immigration Direct website when I was applying for a Canadian PR card. From the first glance, everything looked official. The managers spoke to me on the phone in a polite manner and told me everything about their services, what papers were needed, and so on. Anyway, the page looked very convincing. This is how they mislead people. In reality, they have nothing to do with the government and Immigration Canada at all. They charge $150 and more for actual free services. When you ask them legal questions, such as about risks, your chances of failure, etc., they disappear. Therefore, better look for official companies. All the necessary forms like tax or immigration forms are always available for free on the government website.


    I registered on the Immigration Direct webpage by accident. Like many people I mistook it for the official website of IRCC. When I tried to delete my information, I received a message saying something like “sorry, your data was saved”. Talking to with the customer support service of the website also didn’t get me anywhere. In the end, I decided to try to leave an application, maybe they could have also gotten me work permit. Indeed, a lady immediately called me back and promised to speed up the process for 150 Canadian dollars. It was too expensive for me, I decided to refuse. Compared to other victims of these scams, I got off easy.


    My cousin invited me to visit him in Australia. I planned the trip for the summer but decided to sort everything out in advance. Meaning, I looked for a company to help me with a visa so that there wouldn’t be any problems with the immigration service. I found the Immigration Direct website and looked through what they were offering; the services were the same as anywhere else. I selected the “travel document application” I needed. I filled out the application, the company’s manager immediately called me, told me what papers were needed, where to send everything, and so on. I had no suspicions. Right then and there, I was asked to pay $195. I sent the documents and transferred the money. The same manager called me back, said they received everything and that they would contact me when everything was ready. Three weeks have passed and I have not gotten any more emails or calls. I sent them an email myself and all I got was silence. It seems that I was simply scammed.


    I really thought it was an proper firm to help with all the legalities. In fact, it turned out that I transferred $200 just for the fact that they would send my application. Then they reported of the refusal. In that case, I asked for a refund because they didn’t do anything at all. They sent me an e-mail promising to send everything back to my bank account. Then I received several emails from them, saying that the money had been sent. And then I was asked for my PayPal information. The question was why they needed my info if the refund should come into the bank account. I called the bank, they confirmed to me that the only people to ask for such information are, well, scammers. That’s exactly what this company is – a scam.


    Immigration Direct is like a chameleon, cleverly making their website look like the website of the immigration service!”!!

    Until recently, I thought that this was the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website. But then they demanded money from me; over $200 to fill out the application and another $40 to send it.

    I was lucky that I called the real USCIS just be sure and they told me that no one would ask for such an amount.
    It was then when I realized that before that I was talking to scammers! Now I’m trying to get my money back.


    I was going to re-issue my PR card in Canada, so I was looking for a company to turn to. The Immigration Direct website looked official, they provided the same services as anywhere else. So, I filled out an online application form. I entered all my information and then I was told to make an upfront payment of 50 Canadian dollars. This didn’t make much sense to me and I closed the page. An hour later their manager called me, introduced himself as Stanley. He suggested that I would pay him bypassing all authorities and that way the process would go better and faster. And he left me completely confused about the payment; he told me to pay 50 for the service by clicking on the link and another 100 to transfer to his card. And if I did not do that, then I would not be able to start the application process again until I completed that one. In the end, I just turned to the immigration service and they told me that these threats were sheer nonsense. Apparently this is how they intimidate people and collect money.


    Applied here for EAD renewal. That was in January. I paid immediately, the price was $195 without the state duty. The completed form was sent to me as a PDF document. I was told not to print it right away and wait until the beginning of February. Until then I couldn’t access the documents. When I called their hotline, they at first promised that soon everything would start working and then they stopped answering altogether. As a result, I did not have neither time nor money to find another company and submit an application. I never got the initial sum back.


    Friends, these are real scammers. All the forms that they offer you to fill out for unspeakable amounts of money (personally they asked me for $185 to renew my green card) can be filled out for free on the real government website. Their whole thing is that they would transfer your into an online form for you. Whoever I ask, no one has been able to get a refund.


    The company is just a sham. Like most people, I thought it was a government website to help with applying for citizenship. They made me pay $150. I didn’t get any worthwhile answers to my questions. I thought contacting them would make all this bureaucracy easier to deal with. In the end, they confused me so much that now everything is even more difficult. I regret that I did not initially apply to the official department.


    And me, I was sure that I was applying through the government. Although I was not even asked where to send the documents. I found the number myself, called them. Some guys picked up, they said all was fine, the documents were being prepared. Said would send me a link for me to visit. Ok, they sent it, I went to the page. There, it said I had to pay $100 in order to complete the registration. After that, I was again sent a link the documents that they told me to print and take to the immigration service. There, I was finally told that I ran into scammers and those papers had no legal effect, merely a collection of words. Now I have to start from scratch.

    Knighton K.

    I also filled out the form for australian citizenship on the ID website. and I was also scammed. as I understand it, they make the website look extremely similar to the official one. and since the immigration department can ask for an upfront payment, they are shamelessly taking advantage of that. few victims go to the police. so next time you all just have to be smarter and remember that in australia government websites end with .gov

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